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Reasons Why Martial Artists Make Great Friends

What do you think makes a great friend? Is it someone who knows you inside out and keeps all your deepest, darkest secrets safe? Or is it a partner in crime who is always there to join you on your crazy adventures?

We’re pretty sure you already have a certain friend in mind as you’re reading this. Even if you don’t, fret not! Because we’re here to remind you that every day is a chance to make new friends. After all, strangers are friends you haven’t met and gotten to know yet! And who knows, that new colleague at work or your training partner in the gym might end up becoming your BFF!

Speaking of which, do you know that some of the best friends you’ll ever make are the ones you train martial arts with? That’s because friends who train together, stay together!

Today, American Karate Institute shares 7 Reasons Why Martial Artists Are Great Friends:

1) Because they are positive and optimistic

When you hang out with martial artists, you’ll notice that they exude positive energy. This is because their martial arts training has taught them to be optimistic, even during trying times. Hence, you can always count on them to point out the bright side of any situation, and cheer you up whenever you’re feeling down.

Apart from that, they’re generally happy and stress-free, thanks to the endorphins their brains produce whenever they work out. So don’t be surprised when you realize that you always feel great after meeting them. After all, smiling is contagious!

2) Because there’s never a dull moment with them

Ever heard of the saying “a good friend knows all your best stories; a best friend has lived them with you”? One thing’s for sure – your martial artist friends fall under the “best friend” category. That’s because they’re always up for anything, be it a spontaneous hiking trip or zip-lining from the highest point of the forest.

Their playful souls enable them to embrace their adventurous side and live in the moment. So expect to go on heaps of fun adventures with them!

3) Because they’ve always got your back

When you’re in need of advice or an honest opinion, you can always rely on your martial artist friends to tell you the truth – even if it hurts. This is because they know you deserve the best, and that’s exactly what they want you to have.

What’s more, they understand the value of your friendship and treasure it the same way they cherish their teammates in the gym. So you can rest assured that they’ll always be loyal and stick around, even when things get tough.

4) Because they’ll encourage you to go beyond your limits

Ask any martial artist, and you’ll find out that they’re constantly trying to improve themselves – both inside and outside the gym. This is what drives them to push their limits, day after day.

Apart from keeping themselves motivated, they’ll be there to support you when you decide to develop good habits such as eating healthy or kick-starting a workout regime. In fact, they’ll be more than happy to join you and work towards your goals together with you, so that you become the best version of yourself!

5) Because they live life to its fullest

All martial artists believe in making every moment count, be it during their training sessions or when they’re spending time with you. This is because they know that every choice they make at every part of their day matters, and that it ultimately impacts their future. After all, you only live in each moment once, so if you don’t make it count now, you wouldn’t get a second chance to do so when the moment’s gone!

Besides that, they are able to appreciate the simple pleasures in life, such as having a cheat meal after a few weeks of eating clean! You’ll never have to stress out about what to surprise them with on special occasions, because it’s easy to make them smile.

6) Because they’ll give your friendship their all

Practicing martial arts teaches you to give your all in everything you do, as hard work is what takes you places.

When it comes to your friendship with your martial artist friend, you can expect no less than 101% from him/her – whether it’s making time to meet or staying in touch with you. But of course, you should match this and be equally invested in the friendship. After all, it takes two hands to clap!

7) Because they’re always on your team

It doesn’t matter whether you’re nursing a broken heart or dealing with a difficult situation. You can always count on your martial artist friend to be there beside you, with a box of tissue or some words of encouragement to tide you through these tough times.

Even when you’re at your lowest, these friends will never give up on you. Instead, they’ll find the strength to fight for you whenever you feel like you can’t.

Are you now convinced that martial artists are great friends? Give all your martial artist friends a hug and let them know that you appreciate everything they’ve done for you. Or better yet, next time you see Master Lipsky or Mr. G, tell them how much appreciate them

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