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5th Degree Black Belt and head instructor.  I have been involved with the Martial Arts for more than 36 years.



In 1984 at the age of 12, American Karate Institute’s Head martial arts instructor, Master Darryle Lipsky, enrolled in our program. His mom signed him up when he started hanging out with the wrong crowd and got into trouble. Because of his training, he changed his life around. He too earned his Black Belt under Grand Master Jhoon Rhee at the age of 15.

Besides having the skills of a true Black Belt, Master Darryle Lipsky has the perfect personality and temperament for teaching kids. Out of thousands of students, he was chosen to be the head martial arts instructor and successor of the school. He has demonstrated throughout the years, traits that are rare in a person such as loyalty, courage, honesty, commitment, punctuality and too many to list. He has competed in the kickboxing ring, grappling and tae kwon do tournaments, many times winning 1st place and Grand Championships.

After 32 years, he has become one of the best children instructors in the country. When you meet him, you will instantly like him and eventually you will learn to love and respect him.

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