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The reason why my wife and I opened the American Karate and Mixed Martial Arts Institute was because we have the passion for the martial arts and the desire to help our students accomplish their goals. All the values and lessons that were taught to us by some of the most famous masters in the martial arts world, will now be passed on to your child.

American Karate and Mixed Martial Art Institute’s copyrighted training will also help your child achieve… higher test scores… discipline…courtesy… integrity…modesty and not cave into peer pressure or drugs.

Many parents ask us why our program is “Mixed Martial Arts?” While “MMA” is a popular term, our program is based on our years of combined experience in a variety of martial arts and karate styles. Our classes use the best of each style!

I have always appreciated the benefits and values I have gained in the martial arts and, with great gratitude, I am eager to help kids stay out of trouble and catapult them into successful individuals through our unique copyrighted martial arts program. With the combination of our unique Martial Arts curriculum, philosophies and teaching methods, we have become the undisputed champions when it comes to teaching children.

Some kids need focus, concentration, and discipline, others need physical fitness and then there are those kids that get mixed up in a lot of things they shouldn’t and start loosing interest in school due to peer pressure. Whatever your child needs, we have the experience to address it. Because of our unique personalities and charisma, we are able to connect with kids when teachers, guidance counselors, psychologist and even their parents are not able to. By teaching them to punch, kick, wrestle etc, we are able to get their attention and instill the important qualities such as discipline, honor, self-control, self esteem and much more. Kids will start to feel good about themselves and develop a lot of pride.   We are dedicated to the success of your child.

Because American Karate and Mixed Martial Arts Institute has been so successful with kids that had academic and behavioral problems in school, many of our students have graduated from the best universities – Harvard, Duke, John Hopkins, Penn State, Boston college and others with top honors.

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