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The American Karate Institute in Miami has been teaching children from age 5 for more than a quarter of a century. We have had the pleasure of teaching more than 10,000 children and through our experience we know that parents want their children to be confident, to believe in themselves and their abilities, to be disciplined enough to follow through, to “Never Give Up”, and to focus on excelling in school. These are the cornerstones of our teachings.

We are proud to tell you that we have the same instructors since we began teaching in 1983. One reason our institute is among the very best is because of the experience and the quality of teaching skills by our instructors. If you’ve tried other schools it’s a difference you will surely notice; if you haven’t, you’re starting with the best.

Enjoying a great reputation and teaching for as long as we have we are delighted to see the adults who trained with us as children now bringing their children and sometimes grandchildren to experience the same positive lessons and principals they received at an early age. To us, there is no bigger compliment.

You will notice right away upon entering our institute that we not only pride ourselves in our self defense program, customer service and dedication but also the cleanliness.  We have a professional cleaning service that cleans everyday  wtih a special disinfectant that kills most germs.

Our facility has state of the art equipment, one invented by my wife and I. It was specifically designed as a tool to help our students develop better technique, more power and have fun while getting a great physical workout. We are the only facility in Miami that has this equipment called Ultimate Striker.  


Visit our website at to view this unique equipment called ULTIMATE STRIKER.  

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