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Son of Angel & Regina Gonzalez, 2nd degree Black Belt and Sensei. I have been involved with the Martial Arts for more than 18 years.


Ulysses Gonzalez has been exposed to the martial arts since he was born.  He began his training in March 2000 at the age of 5. He is very skillful in the martial arts especially his Jiujit-su (BJJ). What makes Ulysses such a great assistant is that he has the ability to connect with the students especially the younger kids.


They love him because he is so helpful and gentle with them.   He is a great asset to Master Lipsky and the staff. 


Click Here to view a video of  Ulysses training with his dad, Angel Gonzalez at the age of 5. 


Click Here to view him demonstrating the self defense curriculum in our school.

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