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  • Master Angel Gonzalez

How To Improve Martial Arts Technique Through Psychology

Those who are students of martial arts understand that there is an enormous mental component to the practice. Just as martial arts can improve mental health – thanks to its tenets and philosophies that relate to self-discipline, integrity, and other positive traits –psychology can also inversely help improve martial arts technique. Sport psychology, in particular, can enhance the performance of a martial arts student, through the development of mental skills.

Here’s how to improve martial arts technique through psychology:

Behavioral Conditioning

Behavioral conditioning contends that physical practice leads to better, more efficient performance. Repetition is a large part of any martial arts class, whether it’s practicing kicks or punches, memorizing forms, or otherwise. Through physical practice of these techniques, a student can build confidence and master them at his or her own pace. When presented with a scenario where the student has to perform those maneuvers, while sparring or in a tournament for example, he or she will be conditioned to simultaneously react accordingly and plan for their next move.