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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn Marital Arts

At American Karate Institute, we constantly convey the message to our students, both young and old, the many benefits of practicing martial arts. Whether your studying Karate, Kung-Fu, Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, or any other martial arts form, the benefits of martial arts stretch way beyond just self-defense. Many experts and well known celebrities (including various doctors, Oprah, Dr. Laura, Dr. Phil, Tony Robbins) continually preach about how martial arts can help all aspects of one’s life. Many experts would even argue that in this day and age of increased obesity, fading family structure, and escalated violence that if nothing else, one should learn martial arts. Below are 7 positive characteristics that are developed through the practice of martial arts.

1. Health

The practice of martial arts is a proven pathway to a healthier lifestyle. First and foremost, practicing martial arts is great exercise for promotes both muscle growth and cardiovascular endurance. At AKI we also stress the importance of a nutritious and balanced diet and lifestyle, which help to nurture life-long healthy habits and decisions.

2. Physical Fitness

There are three key ingredients to an optimal exercise program: cardiovascular endurance, strength conditioning, and flexibility. The beauty of martial arts is that it incorporates a balance between all three components of fitness. A proper balance between these three key pieces also helps in preventing injuries whether practicing martial arts, or any other sport for that matter. It’s no surprise why many professional teams incorporate martial arts training into their programs.

3. Focus

No matter the style you practice, martial arts training requires a balance between mind, body, and spirit helping to increase a person’s level of focus. This level of concentration is a characteristic that can be used in all areas of one’s life whether it be school, work, sports, business, or even friendships.

4. Self-Confidence

As we’ve mentioned before, one the most important characteristics one can gain from continuous martial arts training is self-confidence. At American Karate Institute our students learn to set goals (belt ranking system), work to achieve their goals, and set new heights to their achievements.

5. Respect, Discipline, and Restraint

Respect, discipline, and restraint are characteristics that are practiced daily in any good school. At AKI students are taught to respect their sensei, as well as their peers, parents, and teachers every day. The learn to listen when the sensei is addressing the class and consistently taught restraint through calmness and breathing. Over time these characteristics become instilled in the student’s minds and are skills they carry with them well into their futures.

6. Self-Defense

The last, but most obvious reason for studying martial arts is for self-defense. Whether being bullied or protecting a friend, martial arts training helps students to be prepared for possible confrontations and using the skills they’ve been taught as a means of defending themselves, not as a form of aggression. As students gain confidence in their abilities, there tends to be less of a need for them to defend themselves due to the composure and restraint they learn from continuous martial arts training.

Contact American Karate Institute for 2 Free Trial Classes

At the American Karate Institute, we teach a way of life. Our Miami martial arts school has developed a well thought out curriculum that teaches more than just the art of self-defense. We delve deep into our students’ technique, skill set, intelligence, intuition and overall physical fitness. Contact us today if you’re interested in self-defense classes and schedule two free-trial classes!

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