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Fears & Misconceptions For New Students In Martial Arts

Even though there are many great benefits to training in martial arts, a lot of people still have reservations about entering a mma school or a dojo for their first training session.

There are plenty misconceptions about the culture. For instance, some people incorrectly think that they are too old or not fit enough to participate in the classes. Others falsely believe they have to compete, while a few individuals have social anxiety.

All of these do not hold any merit. Rather, they are just fears and excuses that are preventing you from unlocking their inner greatness. We help to set your mind at ease by debunking them.

You Do Not Have To Lose Weight To Start Your Martial Arts Journey

Some people believe that they cannot start martial arts because they weigh a little too much or carry too much fat around their waistline. In reality, that belief could not be any further from the truth.

As a matter of fact, most people who train in martial arts are using the experience to lose some extra weight or to get into better shape. Do not let a couple of pounds prevent you from getting started on your martial arts and fitness journeys. Instead, let it be the stepping stone.

You Are Never Too Old To Start Training

Children and young adults may be the typical clientele that train, but the martial arts are, and have always been, meant to be practiced by people of all ages. After all, everyone can benefit from becoming fitter and learning to defend themselves.

Both philosophically and in practice, martial arts is not just geared towards adolescents and 20-something-year-olds, but also people in their 30s all the way up to senior citizens.

Everyone is at a different skill level and has different goals, so do not be discouraged if someone younger than you has more expertise. Allow others to help cultivate your talent, and go at your own pace.

The People Hitting The Heavy Bag And Pads Are Not Scary

Some newcomers have the tendency to become nervous when they see more experienced classmates kicking our shields and pads with such force and power.

At first glance, it could be slightly intimidating. But upon taking a second look, it is just a bunch of martial artists who are mastering their technique.

Do not mistake these athletes as monsters or scary individuals. They are just normal folks who are trying to sharpen their martial arts skills and unlock their inner greatness, just like you.

Nobody Will Hurt You

People tend to get frightened about training in a school full of competitive martial artists and getting hurt.

Rest assured, there is no reason to be scared by that. Most beginner classes tend to be comprised of other newcomers who are trying to learn, and experienced instructors who have lots of wisdom and a soft touch.

These instructors also keep a careful eye on all of the activity that is taking place in the school, and will not let anyone get injured.

You Do Not Have To Compete

Just because you are training in martial arts does not mean you have to compete. Though competition is encouraged in order to test your skill and understanding, it is not compulsory.

Truth be told, the vast majority of practitioners do not compete, and simply train to achieve their own personal goals — be it for self-defense, exercise or other.

Although there may come a time when your instructor inquires about your interest to compete because your craft has grown dramatically, you will never be pressured or required to sign up for tournaments.


At the American Karate Institute, we teach a way of life. Our Miami martial arts school and MMA Classes has developed a well thought out curriculum that teaches more than just the art of self-defense. We delve deep into our students’ technique, skill set, intelligence, intuition and overall physical fitness. Contact us today if you’re interested in mixed martial arts and self-defense classes and schedule your free-trial class!

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