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MMA & Bully Prevention

Bullying is major issue that can cause many negative consequences for children including anxiety, depression, sadness, anger, changes in eating and sleep patterns, and decreased interest in things he or she used to enjoy. A child that is bullied may lose interest in socializing, struggle with homework and/or classwork, or lash out at other students or teachers. As a parent or guardian, one of the best ways to help your child against bullying is by enrolling them in a martial arts program.

American Karate Institute can teach your child practical skills that will make a positive impact in all areas of their life. Our trained MMA instructors are prepared to help your child develop physically, mentally, spiritually and socially to combat bullying and peer pressure. There are many reasons why you should allow your child to check out one of our classes. Here is a list of benefits that martial arts training provides.

Teach The Power of Posture and Body Language