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Why your child should join the American Karate Institute

The American Karate Institute has made its mark in Miami/Kendall for over 30 years. From teaching kids the basics and fundamentals of martial arts to helping parents guide their children in all aspects of life. At AKI Miami we teach Mixed Martial Arts, styles that include Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kickboxing, wrestling and much more. Here are several reasons why your child should join the American Karate Institute.

Our Experience:

At AKI MIami, many of our instructors have over 40+ years of experience in all aspects of Mixed Martial Arts. We have learned all forms of the Martial Arts and we have passed that knowledge down from decade to decade to our other instructors at AKI Miami. Between our 3 masters, we have over 100 years of experience and knowledge. Also, we have trained over 10,000 students from the early ages of 4 into late adult hood and we have won numerous prestigious awards in the martial arts community. Nothing Beats Experience!

Our Curriculum:

The systemized curriculum we teach at American Karate Institute is based on teaching mixed martial art techniques that have been proven in real self defense situations. We have eliminated all the flashy ineffective prearranged movements such as katas (forms) or weapons like nunchakus, bo staff, kamas etc. We are always learning and adapting to new martial arts styles and techniques to better our students and our staff here at American Karate Institute. Not only will it develop champions in competitions, but most importantly, champions in life.

Our School:

Throughout our many years in business , AKI Miami has constantly been updating and upgrading our martial arts school in Miami. We are proud to say that its a state of the art training facility for students seeking to learn ways of the martial arts. From our equipment to the cleanliness of our school and its safe environment, we are pioneers in our own field of work. Master Regina Gonzalez designed a tool to help our students develop better technique, more power and have fun while getting a great physical workout. We are the only martial arts facility in Miami/Kendall that has this equipment called Ultimate Striker.

Our Philosophy:

We have many teachings in the American Karate Institute. Our philosophy is based on the seven principles of the samurai code of conduct. Honesty, Integrity, Politeness, Loyalty, Compassion, Courage and Justice. This moral code of conduct was used by the famous samurai warriors of the past. This timeless philosophy builds the mental, physical and spiritual fortitude to succeed and become a person of real value in life. This philosophy is great to instill in children at an early age which will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Contact American Karate Institute for 2 Free Trial Classes

At the American Karate Institute, we teach a way of life. Our Miami martial arts school has developed a well thought out curriculum that teaches more than just the art of self-defense. We delve deep into our students’ technique, skill set, intelligence, intuition and overall physical fitness. Contact us today if you’re interested in self-defense classes and schedule two free-trial classes!

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