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  • Master Darryle Lipsky

What are the Martial Arts Values One Expects to Learn at AKI?

When people talk about martial arts values that one learns when practicing any form of martial arts, the overwhelming focus is usually to that of self-defense, but what we are talking about are the traditional values of honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty, compassion, courage, justice, and the unwavering will to “Never Give Up,” which are philosophies we ingrain in our students at American Karate Institute in Kendall. These principles help to shape personal attributes like maturity, discipline, humility and inner peace. These elements all combine and to help form the foundation that build both successful students and adults. Children who participate in regular martial arts training tend to demonstrate positive characteristics strong will, confidence, self-discipline, and appropriate judgement in confrontational situations. These are all qualities that are evident in the students that have continued to develop at American Karate Institute.