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  • Master Darryle Lipsky

Why Building Self-Confidence Is Self Defense

How does a parent make their child bully-proof? This is a common concern among parents with young children during the first 2 months of returning back to school. Headlines featuring tragic consequences of bullying are common. It seems that there is good reason for such concern. So, again, the question, "How do I make my child bully-proof?" The strongest self-defense against the negative effects of bullying is strong self-confidence.

The Modern Day Bully:

The schoolyard bully of yesterday who threatened a classmate with bodily harm if they didn't hand over their lunch money is not the worst of a young student's worries today. The modern bully is often faceless and nameless. They often lurk in the online hangouts where students gather to play games and socialize. A different approach is necessary for children to steel themselves against the onslaught of cruelty they could be faced with should a bully target them for vicious trolling and cyber-bullying.