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Five Lessons You Can Learn From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

At the American Karate Institute, there are many lessons you can apply to your daily lives that you will learn at our MMA School. Our Philosophies teach many core principles we instill in our Mixed Martial Arts Program . One of the Martial Arts Styles you will learn well will be Brazilian Jiu JItsu.

Here are the five life lessons:

1. Be Patient: Besides the notoriously long time that it takes to be promoted to the next belt level in BJJ, often times you find yourself in uncomfortable positions, and it is important that you remain calm in these tough situations. Sometimes you will be smashed and it does you no good to panic. Stay calm. There are transition points, so it is just a matter of waiting for your opening, and when you do see it react immediately and appropriately.

2. Go with the flow: In BJJ and in life, it is best not to force a situation, and if you try, it often makes things worse. Sometimes the best strategy is taking what you are given. Advanced practitioners recognize when opportunities arise, and often they can anticipate them, or even create them.

3. Look for a way out: In Brazilian Jiu Jitsu there is almost always a way out, and if there really is no way out, then you tap, you learn, and you start over. Sometimes life may seem overwhelming, but I guarantee, someone has been in a similar situation before and found a way out. Search for the answer, and you will find a way.

4. Knowledge is power: In BJJ most black belts are not using secret moves, often they are using the same basic moves that a white belt learns, but they are much more efficient, and they understand the details of the moves. In life, be an expert, find out as much as you can, and there will be fewer things that will catch you by surprise.

5. The secret to success is to just keep showing up: Grit: (courage, resolve, strength of character) Studies show that there is no greater indicator of success than grit; i.e. Perseverance. Brazilian Jiu jitsu is the ultimate truth teller. There are no short-cuts; there is no cheating the process, but if you have it in you to just keep showing up no matter what, you WILL succeed. Rely on the fact that most people will quit whatever it is that you are going for, whether it is due to the difficulties that they face directly or indirectly with continuing to do something for the time that it takes to reach the level of mastery; the key is to just keep going. Whether your goal is a BJJ black belt or for an advancement at work; if you truly have a lionheart and are willing to go through all the ups and downs (especially the downs), you will outlast everyone else and you will succeed. You would not let your infant child stop trying to learn to walk just because they fell down a few times they initially tried. You know that if they keep trying that they will get it.

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At the American Karate Institute, we teach a way of life. Our Miami martial arts school has developed a well thought out curriculum that teaches more than just the art of self-defense. We delve deep into our students’ technique, skill set, intelligence, intuition and overall physical fitness. Contact us today if you’re interested in self-defense classes and schedule your free-trial class!

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