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7 Gift Ideas for Your Karate Kid

It’s that time of year again. Are you one of the many wondering what to get their Karate kid as a gift for the holidays? We’ve assembled a list of 7 Karate gift ideas is case you’ve been struggling to find the perfect gift.

1. Punching or Kicking Targets / Focus Pads

Focus pads make a great gift for your Karate practitioner and have a number of great uses and benefits. Martial arts focus pads allow students to practice a variety of punches, kicks, and combinations while helping to build speed, accuracy, and endurance. Some other great features are that focus pads are relatively inexpensive and portable allowing students to practice anywhere or with their parents.

2. Karate Belt Display Rack

Karate belt display racks are another thoughtful gift to get the Karate practitioner in your life for obvious reasons. Display racks look great, encourage students to keep pushing so that they may fill up their rack, and makes great storage when having to find your belt to going to class.

3. Agility Ladder

Not only are agility ladders a great tool to increase your performance and skills in Karate, but it all sports that your child might play. Agility ladders help to improve quickness, speed, strength, mobility, balance, and coordination.

4. Private Classes

For those Karate students and practitioners that are serious about their art, private classes with they’re favorite instructor can also make an excellent gift. Although this may come at a heftier cost, one cannot compare the quality of tutelage and progression a Karate student can achieve from a private class compared to their normal classes.

5. Body Opponent Bag (B.O.B)

Another great, but expensive gift, BOB’s help Karate students build strength in their punches and kicks while also helping them improve their accuracy, footwork, and strike placement being that it mimics a person.

6. Training Books and Videos

For the those trying to elevate themselves to another level, books or videos make great gift ideas. Whether it’s the philosophy of a particular martial art, learning new techniques or skills, a biography of a legendary martial artist, or just a great Kung-Fu flick, books or videos always make for great stocking stuffers.

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