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COVID-19 Health & Safety Protocols of the American Karate Institute® 

The following are the Covid-19 protocols that we currently have put in place:


  1. PLEASE keep your child home if he/she shows any signs of illness. 

  2. Please review the new schedule that has been posted to the Student Portal and the Team App. We have allowed 10 minutes between each class so that we are able to dismiss students from one class, clean and sanitize all surfaces or equipment that were used during class and allow the next class to enter. We will be making necessary adjustments weekly until we are able to resume at a normal capacity. 

  3. We are allowing a limited number of parents and spectators in the lobby.  The lobbies will be prepared in accordance with the social distancing guidelines. Spaces will be marked 6 feet apart in both the lobby and workout area. We have a 2nd room, located right next door, which is available for the overflow of larger classes. 

  4. Students must already be dressed in uniform and belt. Students will not be allowed to enter the school until 10 minutes before the class time. Spaces will be marked 6 feet apart in the workout area. To avoid congestion, please wait in the car till your class time.. 

  5. Face mask will be encouraged but not required in the office, lobby and in the workout area. 

  6. Please do not bring your equipment bag. We will notify you through the Team App when equipment will be needed. If you have not downloaded the Team App, we highly recommend that you do so because that is the best way for us to communicate with our students.

  7. Every night after all the classes, our professional cleaning crew will clean, disinfect and sanitize the entire school as we have always done in the past. 

For any questions regarding this matter or general concerns, please give us a call at 305-385-8811 or you can email us at

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