May 27, 2018

Have you ever seen an MMA fighter who wasn’t in incredible shape? Chances are, you haven’t. Training for MMA is a full-body workout that pushes your body to limits like no other sport. Whether you’re training to win a fight or training for fun, MMA can get you in the best shape of your life and has some other great benefits. The American Karate Institute is a great choice if you want to get or maintain in shape.

Lets take a look on how MMA Training can benefit your Fitness.

It's a total body workout

Most sports require one set of muscles to be used more than another. Swimmers have strong shoulders, cyclists have strong quads, and soccer players hav...

July 25, 2017

Most martial arts have certain things in common. They sharpen the mind and strengthen the body. They teach self-discipline dedication, respect, and perseverance. And they can all be used to get out of threatening situations while minimizing danger to you and those whom you may be defending.

Learn about our Martial Arts Philosphy  HERE

When it comes to public recognition, Karate, MMA and Jiu Jitsu are all household names. And while the average non-practitioner has seen them on the big screen, they probably don’t know the difference between them. The American Karate Institute teaches Mixed Martial Arts but it is also important for us to dive in...

May 30, 2017

At the American Karate Institute, there are many lessons you can apply to your daily lives that you will learn at our MMA School. Our Philosophies teach many core principles we instill in our Mixed Martial Arts Program . One of the Martial Arts Styles you will learn well will be Brazilian Jiu JItsu.

Here are the five life lessons:

1. Be Patient:  Besides the notoriously long time that it takes to be promoted to the next belt level in BJJ, often times you find yourself in uncomfortable positions, and it is important that you remain calm in these tough situations. Sometimes you will be smashed and it does you no good to panic. Stay calm. There are...

April 12, 2017

Is your child excited to re-watch the Power Rangers movie from this year? (Be honest: Are you a little excited, too?) Do your kids gaze longingly through the windows as you pass a local karate studio? Or maybe they’re just tired of the activities they’ve participated in already, and they — and you — are looking for something new to help them meet the one-hour-per day of exercise recommended for kids and teens. Fortunately, the first step in finding out if martial arts might be right for your child is very simple: Just ask them if they’re interested. Have a child who doesn’t know enough about martial arts to say yes or no to that question?...

March 1, 2017

Mixed martial arts is not just about learning to fight — it teaches you discipline, technique and respect. Training takes dedication and patience for the practice. For anyone looking to learn self-defense, get in better shape or compete professionally, you will find MMA can be a life-changing experience. Why should you enroll in our mixed martial arts classes? American Karate Institute knows and its students know exactly why.

  • It is an incredible way to become fit, muscular and toned.

  • It’s a form of exercise you will never get bored doing, as is often the case with regular gym exercise.

  • Training in martial arts helps you acquire a ve...

September 14, 2016

Over the last decade, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has been gaining popularity with adults, teenagers, and children. With prominent and outspoken fighters like Connor McGregor, Rhonda Rousey, Jon Jones, and many others, it’s no wonder that MMA has begun to appeal to kids. According to an report by ESPN, there are now 5.5 million teenager enrolled in MMA classes and another 3.2 million kids under the age of 13 that now participate in MMA training in the United States alone.

Many parents today are still conflicted about registering their children for MMA classes because of the obvious perception of the sheer physicality of the sport, fear of serious in...

August 3, 2016

When people talk about martial arts values that one learns when practicing any form of martial arts, the overwhelming focus is usually to that of self-defense, but what we are talking about are the traditional values of honesty, integrity, respect, loyalty, compassion, courage, justice, and the unwavering will to “Never Give Up,” which are philosophies we ingrain in our students at American Karate Institute in Kendall. These principles help to shape personal attributes like maturity, discipline, humility and inner peace. These elements all combine and to help form the foundation that build both successful students and adults. Children who partic...

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We know that Nothing Beats Experience, and we have over 35+ years of Mixed Martial Arts experience to show for it. At the American Karate Institute in Miami, we have a systemized curriculum that not only will help you become a champion in competitions, but most importantly, a champion in life.