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Why is American Karate Institute Miami’s most popular mixed martial arts (MMA) training center for kids, teens and adults in the Miami/Kendall area?

Since 1983, we have had a strong reputation for turning our students into confident, focused, peer pressure proof, drug free and secure individuals – winners in life with Karate in Miami. We have taken pride in consistently offering our students the highest quality instructions available in the United States today. You can rest assured that we are always hard at work maintaining those high standards–always with your best interests in mind. We offer the latest technique in self defense and Mixed Martial Arts. You will find yourself exhilarated after taking one of our Karate Classes in Miami. Team-Photo-2-1024x622 TEAM AKI Competing and winning at North American Grappling Association (NAGA) tournaments

What does our Martial Arts Self Defense program offer?

  • Our mixed martial art (MMA) self defense curriculum includes a winning combination of KARATE, BOXING, MUAY THAI KICKBOXING, BRAZILIAN JIU-JITSU (BJJ), JUDO, TAEKWON-DO and WRESTLING
  • Our unique and copyrighted mixed martial arts (MMA) self defense curriculum has been tested and proven with over 10,000 kids, teens and adults. NOTHING BEATS EXPERIENCE!!!
  • Our mixed martial arts (MMA) self defense program is taught in a safe controlled environment with the Discipline and Philosophy of Traditional Martial Arts …read more
  • Our World Class martial arts instructors are led by Master Angel Gonzalez
  • Superior classes with structure, focus and excitement for Kids (4 – 12)
  • Guaranteed to Bully Proof Your Child and build confidence that will last a lifetime.
  • A fun but challenging Teens program designed to teach valuable skills such as discipline, respect, commitment, dedication, loyalty and an awesome mixed martial arts curriculum that incorporates the best techniques of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Karate, TaeKwon-Do, Wrestling, Judo and Muay Thai Kickboxing.
  • Our Adult program has all the elements and is designed to enrich you physically, mentally and spiritually and to help you use those skills to achieve your own personal goals.

Joining the American karate Institute has been one of the best decisions we have made for our son, Raj. Thank you for not only teaching him physical strength and endurance, but also for instilling confidence, dedication, and determination – the skills he will use for a lifetime. You are so wonderful!
Alisha and Raj Khemlani (2010)